Q and A

Here are the answers to some of the questions submitted to "Ask an Officer".

Q:  What do I do if I observe something that I think is illegal or wrong on campus? 

A:  First, make sure that you are in a safe place.  Then, call Public Safety at (843) 953-5609.  Be prepared to give your exact location, a call back number, and provide as much information about the event as possible.  Also, get as much descriptive information as you can; sex, race, clothing, and any other physical descriptors.  If the person is leaving the scene, tell the dispatcher which way they are going.

Q:  What are signs of “suspicious behavior” on a college campus? 

A:  Suspicious behavior can be described as anything that may give you a bad “gut” feeling.  Trust your feelings and call us at (843) 953-5609.  If you see someone unfamiliar who doesn’t live on your and is acting in a manner that alarms you, call Public Safety.  

If you see people walking around in buildings late at night or odd times of the day, who are looking around and acting suspiciously, call Public Safety immediately.  They could be lost and/or confused if they are a visitor on campus, but they could also be searching for an accessible item to steal. 

Call Public Safety immediately if you see suspicious boxes, envelopes or containers that have no labels and are not normally in that area.  Also, if you see suspicious unmarked vans or trucks near building, call Public Safety immediately. 

Q:  Where do I go if I lost my Cougar Card. 

A:  If it is during normal business hours, Cougar Card Services will be able to print you a replacement.  If it is after normal business hours or on a weekend, Public Safety will be able to print your Cougar Card.

Q:  I live in a residence hall, and I’ve locked myself out of my room.  What do I do?

A:  First, attempt to get in touch with your RHD.  If they are unavailable, come to Public Safety at 89 St. Philip St. (Bottom level of PG Garage across from McAlister Residence Hall) and check out a temporary key.  If you are inappropriately dressed, call (843) 953-5609 and an officer will be dispatched to you.

Q:  I bought a new bike, what do I do next?

A:  It is the policy of the College of Charleston that all bicycles be registered.  You can do this at Public Safety, located at 89 St. Philip St.  Also, be sure to purchase a durable bike lock.  Public Safety recommends the use of a “U-Bolt” lock.

Q:  I don’t feel safe walking to my car, can Public Safety give me a ride to it?

A:  While we cannot guarantee a patrol car will be available to get you to your car, we will have an officer walk with you to ensure that you get there safely.