Crime Action Line

In numerous national polls the issue of crime continues to be a top ranking concern.  Funding to support additional law enforcement personnel and crime prevention/intervention strategies, increased participation in community watch programs, legislation advocating victims' rights and targeting violence against women highlight strong concern and commitment to achieving public safety.  In our effort to expand the eyes and ears of the officers who serve the College of Charleston campus, we offer the Crime Action Line for use by any member of the College community. This line is available 24-hours a day to disclose anonymously information that may be vital to the security of the campus community.  Our goal in establishing this line is to strengthen our ability to keep the College of Charleston an enjoyable, safe place for everyone.

  • To report anonymously any information critical to the safety of the College of Charleston
    community dial 843.953.4998 and leave a message.
  • The Crime Action Line is reviewed daily to insure that critical information is responded to quickly.
  • Information gathered from the Crime Action Line will be investigated by Campus Police.
  • The Crime Action Line is NOT intended to replace emergency medical or law enforcement assistance.  Response to life threatening circumstances should be handled by dialing 911.

"Public" Safety is everyone's business.  Be a part of the College of Charleston Public Safety Team.  Winning IS everything when it comes to safety.