Emergencies on Campus

Emergencies on campus call 911

Before an emergency situation occurs, we encourage you to watch a brief video on campus safety so that you are aware of proper procedures to follow.

For any police, fire or medical emergency, call the Department of Public Safety immediately. The dispatcher who answers your call is trained in handling emergencies.

  • Give your location
  • Describe the nature of the emergency
  • Be prepared to respond to the dispatcher's questions or instructions

In response to your call, the dispatcher will send Public Safety personnel, fire or emergency medical teams to your location immediately.

For routine information and assistance call 843.953.5609.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Box

Security on the College campus has been enhanced through the installation of 51 emergency call boxes. The boxes, which are orange in color, are for direct emergency contact with Campus Police. However, the boxes may be used for routine assistance such as a flat tire, keys locked in car, etc.

To activate the call box:

  • Push in the call button and release. (An automated emergency alert is directed to the Campus Police  dispatcher indicating the exact location of the box. Campus Police officers will be sent to that location immediately.)
  • The dispatcher will contact the caller.
  • To talk with the dispatcher hold button down.
  • Release call button to listen.

Any questions regarding the emergency call boxes should be directed to Campus Police at 843.953.5609.

Crime Action Line

Any crime against an individual or property affects the entire community. The watchful eyes and ears of concerned community members who report suspicious behavior, safety hazards, and violations of good citizenship allow a law enforcement agency to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community they serve.  The Crime Action Line is available to report anonymously any information critical to the safety and security of the College and Charleston community.

To access the Crime Action Line, dial 843.953.4998 and leave a message. This phone is not to be used in an emergency as it is only recorded and is never answered. If you have an emergency call 911.