Bicycles and Skateboards

The College prides itself on being health conscious, pedestrian friendly, safe-minded and respectful of the environment. Many of our students, faculty and staff use bicycles to travel around the downtown area. In order to ensure their safety, the College has instituted an official bicycle operation and parking policy. Our official bicycle policies also entail all applicable local bicycle laws that riders need to be familiar with. Keep in mind that riders will be held accountable for violations of any laws or ordinances while riding a bicycle in Charleston.

The first thing you must do is register your bicycle. Bike registration is mandatory at the College, and you can do it at any time, 24/7, at the Department of Public Safety.

Before you set off on your bike, study the City of Charleston bike routes and become familiar with the College of Charleston bicycle operation and parking policy. Again, reference the laws and requirements in the official policy to see what your specific responsibilities are as a bike rider. Use the website Bike CofC as a resource for information on the bike share program and the location of bike racks.

In the unlikely event that you are involved in a bicycle accident, Bike Law, a national network of bicycle accident attorneys, might be a good place for you to start.

Skateboarding is another popular mode of transportation on the Charleston peninsula. If that is your choice, please become familiar with the city’s skateboarding laws. Similar to bike riding, skateboarders will be held accountable for all violations of city skateboarding policies and laws. Be familiar with and obey all skateboarding laws. For your safety, you must also abide by the skateboard ordinances, which detail the areas where you can legally ride your skateboard, clothing restrictions and other rules of the road.