Alarm Systems

The College utilises Sonitrol Security Systems to meet the safety and security needs of the campus. Sonitrol provides alarm monitoring, access control and panic alarms to our campus and our satellite areas.

The Department of Public Safety is the primary point of contact for anything relating to Sonitrol systems. If you have problems with the alarm systems, access control systems or panic alarms, DO NOT CONTACT SONITROL DIRECTLY. Please report any service or issues directly to the Department of Public Safety. We will coordinate the resolution of any and all problems directly with Sonitrol.

You might have noticed that we have been installing/replacing panic alarms. If you have a panic alarm in your workspace, remember the following:

  • The panic alarm will only work in the area for which it is programmed. You cannot carry it around campus or from department to department.
  • To operate the alarm, press the button and hold for three seconds or until a light flashes.
  • Older panic buttons may need to be reset after they have been pressed. Contact public safety if you are unsure as to whether your panic alarm must be reset.
  • If you or your department needs training in panic alarm use, please contact Public Safety.

To report a problem with Sonitrol:

Non-emergency 3-5609

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