Public Safety Personnel

The Department of Public Safety is comprised of dedicated officers, employees, and volunteers who are well prepared for the challenges of policing an urban campus. All officers are sworn law enforcement officers, certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy as South Carolina state constables, and as such have full power of arrest. In addition, they receive all state-mandated training in order to remain certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

Here is a link to our departmental organizational chart.

The Department of Public Safety is organized into four units:

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Public Safety and EMS Personnel

Chip Searson
Chief of Police, Fire, and EMS
Naomi Broughton
Deputy Chief of Police

Public Safety Officers, Administration, Investigations

Capt. L. Williams

Operation Services Commander

A. Smith

Assistant Director of Fiscal and Administrative Services

M. Clark

Administrative Assistant

Capt. P. Russell

Patrol Commander

Det. R. Gillard


Det. J. Comfort

Detective / Training Coordinator


C. Grant
Records Coordinator


Patrol Officers

The College of Charleston campus and surrounding areas are patrolled twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by certified Campus Police officers. Patrol officer assignments each day are divided into two twelve-hour shifts, each shift supervised by a sergeant. Patrol is conducted on foot, on bicycles and in vehicles. The high visibility and mobility of these officers is an integral part of our community policing efforts. Beyond enforcing local and state laws, these officers are available to take information, file incident reports, conduct preliminary investigations, assist with automobile lockouts and jump starts, secure and unlock buildings, provide security at sports and social functions, provide security escorts, and assist local law enforcement jurisdictions.

Security Officers

College of Charleston State Security Officers are trained to staff the residence halls and library and can also provide physical security support suring special events. These officers provide internal security and liaison support for our patrol officers. 

Support Services

All criminal offenses and suspicious incidents occurring on the College of Charleston campus are sent to our Investigations Unit. Investigators within this unit identify, collect and preserve physical evidence, prepare warrants, work in concert with other law enforcement agencies, prepare for and attend grand jury presentations, apprehend/arrest perpetrators and maintain ongoing case files until  disposition has occurred. The Operations Support Services Commander serves as Unit Supervisor.

For more information, contact Chief Chip Searson or call 843.953.2468.

Communications Center

The Communications Center is staffed by National Crime Information Center certified telecommunicators. An 800mhz Campus Police Communications System allows continuous contact with all officers as well as all local law enforcement agencies.  A computer aided dispatch system allows our telecommunicators to track the location of all officers on patrol, immediately assign case numbers and input initial time/location information essential for initiating and processing incident reports. Our Communications Center operates 24-hours per day, 365 days per year.  It is staffed with three communications specialists who are supervised by a communications coordinator.

Fire and EMS