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All criminal offenses and suspicious incidents occurring on the College of Charleston campus are sent to our Investigation Unit. Investigators within this unit identify, collect and preserve physical evidence, prepare warrants, work in concert with other law enforcement agencies, prepare for and attend grand jury presentations, apprehend/arrest perpetrators and maintain ongoing case files until disposition has occurred. The Operation Support Commander serves as Unit Supervisor.

For more information email Director Reese or call 843.953.2468


The Campus Police Records Unit serves as archivist for all incident reports filed within the jurisdiction of Campus Police. A request for an incident/accident report should be made to the Records Coordinator located at Campus Police Headquarters (89 St. Philip St.). Requests may be submitted from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Generally, processing of reports, once a request has been submitted, takes approximately three business days.

In accordance with Federal law, a daily log, which is a listing of all crimes reported to Campus Police, is available for public viewing. An update of the log is completed within two business days of the filing of an initial report except:

  • where disclosure of such information is prohibited by law
  • such disclosure would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim
  • release of such information would jeopardize any component of an ongoing criminal investigation

Parking Enforcement

In order to provide adequate parking for those who have paid for an assignment, it is necessary to enforce parking and traffic policies set forth in the College of Charleston Parking Guide which is available at our Auxiliary Services office or can be found on our College of Charleston web page College of Charleston parking and traffic regulations are issued supplemental to all applicable state laws and city ordinances. Authority to regulate parking is granted under South Carolina Revised Statute 56-21-10.
(The Department of Public Safety is not responsible for parking, but public safety officers do have the authority to enforce parking and traffic policies.) For questions regarding parking rules, regulations and availability contact the Parking Services Office 843.953.7834.


Thirty-eight professionally trained men and women are assigned to provide police services at the College of Charleston. Campus Police officers are required to successfully complete a 12 week training program at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. The training program courses include: criminal investigation, sex crimes, drug enforcement and juvenile justice. Upon graduation, the officer is a certified police officer with full power of arrest.

In-service training in law enforcement and related subjects is continuous throughout the career of the officer. Our Campus Police Training Unit is responsible for maintaining state mandated and departmental in-service training for sworn officers and support personnel. The Training Unit, staffed with South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy trained instructors, conducts extensive training in such areas as firearms, bike patrol, legals, defensive tactics, victims' rights, sensitivity in working with victims and emergency response policies and procedures.

Campus EMS

Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Administrative Services

Campus Police (Administrative Services), located at 89 St. Philip Street, is responsible for the following services:

For more information email Ellen Cole or call 843.953.4980.

Bicycle Registration is Mandatory

Read about the mandatory bicycle registration effective March 25, 2012.  

Bicycles that are secured improperly or left unsecured will be confiscated and taken to Public Safety Headquarters. 

Reporting Agency or Officer Misconduct 

In the event you observe or feel you are a victim of an alleged violation which you feel has resulted in DPS or Officer misconduct, you may use this pdf form for reporting. Simply print, fill out and submit to a supervisory officer of the Department of Public Safety.  All complaints, even anonymous, are investigated.