Silent Witness - Report an Incident

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Silent Witness is a mechanism by which any member of the campus community can anonymously report criminal behavior and serious policy violations happening on or around campus.

Anyone can report criminal activity and serious policy violations by completing the below online Silent Witness form. The online form is sent electronically to Public Safety. Public Safety will review the reports and collaborate with other offices about appropriate responses.

Silent Witness is not intended for emergencies. Reports of emergencies should always be directed to Public Safety by calling 911. We hope that the site will offer an additional method for enhancing student, faculty and staff safety and quality of life.

This is a serious crime-reporting service, and all reports will be investigated by law-enforcement officials. Please do not report roommate issues and disputes.

In the event you are a WITNESS to a Crime or Incident or have information related to a crime or incident and you wish to report it ANONYMOUSLY, please use this Silent Witness form  below to provide your information to Public Safety.

In the event you are a WITNESS to a Crime or Incident or have information related to a crime or indicent and you wish to report it ANONYMOUSLY please provide the following information to Public Safety:

Incident Information   


Date Time

Type of Incident or Crime: (check all that apply)
  Sexual Assault
  Relationship Violence

Describe the incident in the space provided below:

How did you find out about this crime or incident?

Personal Witness

Personal Knowledge


Suspect Information   


Age Height Weight Race

Hair Color Eye Color Complexion


Vehicle Information   

Color Make Model

License Tag State Plate Color

Please contact me regarding this matter. Yes No

Please tell us how to get in touch with you




Robert Reese, Director College of Charleston Department of Public Safety, Deputy Chief of Police

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