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Community Watch Alert On-Campus Crimes

Incident: Robbery/Firearm
Approximately 01:55AM on 18 November 2012
Location: 78 Beaufain St, Charleston, SC
Suspect Description: Unknown Male Subject, dark clothing, handgun; no further description
Incident Description: The victim advised that as he was walking home from the Market area, an unknown male subject in dark clothes came up behind him and pressed what he thought was a gun to the back of his head.  The subject said “don’t move” and “if you move I’ll shoot you.”  The victim complied, and the offender went through his pockets, taking a phone and wallet.  The offender then fled in an unknown Direction.

Incident: Sexual Assault
Date/Time: Approximately 11:50PM on 7 May 2012
Location: George Street Apartments located at 55 George Street, Charleston SC 29424
Suspects’ Description:  Black male, approximately 5’6” to 5’10” tall, 130 pounds, 21 to 25 years of age, Athletic build, low cut fade black hair, wearing black tee shirt, grey pants. 
Incident Description: Victim called Public Safety at 2:39 am on May 8, 2012 to report she had been sexually assaulted by an acquaintance known to her by the name of Mark. The victim met the assailant at the Market Street Saloon on Market Street in Charleston.  The sexual assault took place earlier in the evening at her George Street apartment.

Incident: Aggravated Assault
Date/Time: Approximately 12:00AM on 26 April 2012
Location: Warren Place Parking Lot located at 10 Warren Place, Charleston
Suspects’ Description: White male, approximately 5’10” tall, 200 pounds, 20 to 25 years of age, dirty blond curly hair, wearing dark blue button down shirt, dress pants and black shoes.
Incident Description: Victim was walking to her car when the suspect approached her and placed his hand on her back and told her she looked good.  Victim informed the suspect to get away from her and that she did not know him.  Suspect informed victim that she didn’t know what she was missing and then the victim and suspect got into a altercation. Victim was pushed to the pavement resulting in scraps to the left side of her face.  Suspect fled in an unknown direction

Community Alert Off-Campus Crime

Incident:  Purse Snatching
Date/Time: Approximately 02:30AM on 7 November 2012
Location:  King Street at Vanderhorst Street
Suspects’ Description: Two Male Suspects, no further description
Incident Description: The victim advised she was riding her bicycle north on King Street from the Kickin' Chicken and stopped to listen to her music.  At the intersection, two males approached and pushed her off her bike.  They then took her purse and fled the scene.  The incident was not initially reported because the victim is foreign and was confused as to how to do so.

Incident:  Robbery/Firearm
Date/Time: Approximately 11:10PM on 8 June 2012
Location:  Pitt and Montagu Street
Suspects’ Description: 
Suspect #1 Black male, 6’- 6’2” tall, 180-200 lbs, 25-30 years old, thin build, dark t-shirt, jean shorts, pink/red baseball cap.
Suspect #2 Black male 5’6”- 5’9” tall, 150-175 lbs, 25-30 years old, medium build, dark t-shirt, jean shorts, black baseball cap.
Suspect #3 Black female 5’4”- 5’6” tall, 160-190 lbs, 25-30 years old, stocky build, shoulder length hair.
Incident Description:
Victim observed two black male subjects and one black female subject while walking back to his vehicle, which was parked on Pitt Street, north of the intersection.  He crossed the street to enter his truck and stated he was sitting in the driver’s seat when approached by three subjects matching the people he had walked by earlier.  Suspect #1 opened the door to his truck and stated “Give me your money, give me your wallet”, while yelling at the victim the suspect had his hands pointed in the shape of a firearm and the victim believes the suspect was armed.  Suspect #2 approached the passenger side of the vehicle, opened the door and yelled profanities.  Suspect #3 stayed to the rear of suspect #1.  Victim handed over cash to suspect #1 and all three fled on foot north on Pitt Street.

Incident: Strong Arm Robbery on King St. 
Date/Time: approximately 01:45am on 13 April 2012
Location: Alleyway between Pita Pit and Gilroy’s Pizza on King Street
Suspects’ Description:  Suspect is described as a W/M, 19-22 years of age, 5’10”, 150 lbs, Blonde hair, wearing a blue t-shirt and black gym shorts. He also appeared to be unshaven and to have tanned skin.
Incident Description: A female student came to Public Safety Headquarters reporting a Strong Armed Robbery that occurred off-campus last night at approximately 0145 hours in the alleyway between Pita Pit and Gilroy’s Pizza. She stated that she was approached and grabbed by an unknown W/M subject who dragged her into the alleyway, pushed her to the ground and proceeded to kick her in the ribs and about the head. He demanded her wallet, and she gave it to him. Four dollars in currency was taken and the wallet was left behind with all other contents intact.

Incident: Burglary
Date/Time: 1:00pm on 3 March to 8:00am on 4 March 2012
Location: 5 Glebe Street (Mt Zion Church)
Suspects’ Description:  Unknown 
Incident Description: Complainant advised that the church was secured by a member and when the complainant returned an unknown subject had gained entry into the church via a window in the women’s restroom.  Several offices were rummaged through and the suspects’ tried to pry open a filing cabinet where checks were kept but nothing appeared to be taken.

Incident: Motor Vehicle Theft (moped)
Date/Time: 3 February 2012 9:45am - 2:00pm 
Location: Outside of 35 Saint Philip Street (George Street Garage) 
Suspects’ Description:  Unknown 
Incident Description: Victim reported his 2011 black in color TaoTao Moped was parked in a small out cove on the south side of the parking garage near Saint Philip Street where bicycles are normally kept and when he returned he found it missing. 
Note:  In addition to this incident there was another moped stolen during this time frame near the School of Business.  This moped has since been recovered.

Incident: Robbery/Firearm
Date: 10 January 2012 8:25pm 
Location: 131 Wentworth Street (2 Brothers convenience store)
Suspects’ Description:  Black male, tall, skinny, approximately 20-30 years old, dark clothing with cap and handkerchief over nose and mouth, wearing gloves.
Incident Description: Victim was sitting near the open back door of the convenience store when the suspect entered the store and brandished a silver handgun.  The suspect told the victim to get up and move to the front of the store, leading him at gunpoint.  The suspect ordered the victim to open the register and empty the cash, and then to give him his wallet.  Suspect then told the victim to leave the wallet due to the police being able to trace the credit cards and driver’s license.  Suspect told the victim not to call the police and gave back the wallet before taking a pack of Newport cigarettes.  Victim was led back to the rear of the store, where the suspect informed him “if you call the police, I’ll come back and kill you”.  Suspect then fled through the rear door.  Witnesses saw the suspect attempt to enter a silver in color Grand Marquis, possibly tinted windows and possibly a SC tag) parked on Pitt Street.  The suspect saw the witnesses and got out of the car and yelled at them to go back into the house.  The suspect then took out a handgun and fired three shots left-handed at them before getting in the vehicle.  The vehicle then left west down Beaufain Street.

Incident: Robbery/Knife
Date: 7 December 2011 10:40 P.M.
Location: J & W Grocery located at 28 Pitt Street, Charleston
Suspects’ Description:
1.  Black male, 6’0”, dark gray hoodie with “Charleston” written on the front in small text with a symbol below the text, dark gray pants, dark gray gloves, black mask with a skull design on front (possibly with flames).
2. Black male 6’0”, thicker/fatter build than number one, light gray hoodie with design on back (possibly a devil with flames that state “Tortured” over the design), blue jeans, black t-shirt under hoodie, black mesh mask, with a knife.
Incident Description: Clerks were closing the business for the night when two suspects entered the store and walked directly to the cashier’s desk.  One suspect stated, “Come on, come on, give me the money.”  The second suspect walked around the cashier’s desk and produced a silver knife and stated, “Give me the money, give me the lottery.”  The suspects took the money and fled south on Pitt Street. 

Campus Alert On-Campus Crime

Incident: Armed Robbery/ Possibly Knife
Date: 6 December 2011 5:45 P.M.
Location: Calhoun Street at the entrance to the Cougar Mall between Maybank Hall and Robert Scott Small Building
Suspects’ Description: The only description available black male approximately 5’11” tall, young, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and black pants.
Incident Description: Victim was entering Cougar Mall from Calhoun Street when the suspect grabbed his neck and placed what he believed to be a knife to the back of his neck and made the statement “cough up the wallet and you’ll be good”.  Victim gave the suspect his wallet which contained various credit cards, identification cards and currency.  Suspect fled West on Calhoun Street toward Coming Street.        

NEWS RELEASE Suspects Arrested

Date: 16 November 2011 Three Suspects Arrested After Committing Three Armed Robberies
City of Charleston Police Department
180 Lockwood Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29403   
November 16, 2011
Charleston Police arrested three suspects Tuesday night after three armed robberies were committed downtown within about 90 minutes. 
Iris Isabelle Stapen, 19, of Sawgrass Road, is charged with three counts of armed robbery; Christian Phillips Dobson, 21, of Harleston Place, is charged with four counts of armed robbery and three counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and Tyler Egan Ellis, 19, of Scotia Street, of McClellanville, is charged with four counts of armed robbery and two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime. They were all being held in the Charleston County Detention Center.
The first armed robbery occurred about 7:50 p.m. on Coming Street. The victim was walking on Coming Street when she was approached from behind by two men; one of them was armed with a knife. They grabbed her purse and fled the area in a truck.  
The second armed robbery occurred about 9 p.m. near Vanderhorst Street and Smith Street. The victim was walking toward her car that was parked on Smith, when she was approached by a man armed with a handgun. The man snatched her purse from her shoulder and fled the area.  
The third armed robbery occurred about 10 minutes later near Radcliffe Street and Radcliffe Place. Both victims were walking near that intersection when they were approached by two men; one of them was armed with a handgun. The suspects robbed the victims of their purse and wallet.
A description of the suspects and their vehicle was provided to all on duty officers. Sgt. Shane LaFromboise initiated a traffic stop near Meeting Street and Columbus Street of a vehicle which its occupants matched the description of the armed robbery suspects. 
As a result of the ongoing investigation, the suspects were taken into custody and charged accordingly.
For more information contact: 
Charles E. Francis, PIO
Tel. 843.720.2497 
Fax 843.579.7518

Incident: Robbery/Knife
Date: 15 November 2011Incident: Robbery/Knife Approximately 7:40PM on 15 November 2011
Location: 8 Coming Street near the Corner Store at Beaufain and Coming.
Suspects’ Description: The only description available at this time, two white males wearing black hoodies and jeans.
Suspects’ Vehicle: Tan truck, make and model unknown.
Incident Description: Victim was leaving the Corner Store at Coming and Beaufain with a friend when she heard footsteps behind her.  Thinking it was a jogger, she stepped to the side.  She then felt a tug on her purse, and upon turning around, saw 2 white males wearing black hoodies and jeans.  One suspect brandished a small knife and the victim let go of her purse.  The two suspects ran to a tan truck and fled the area.  

Incident: Purse Snatching
Date: 6 May 2011, 4:00AM
Location: Near the intersection of St. Philip and Calhoun Street.
Suspects’ Description:
#1 Black Female, 5’07” in height, shoulder length curly black hair and last seen wearing a tan blouse.
#2 Driver of suspect vehicle: Black male, no further description available.
Suspects’ Vehicle:
An older model light blue SUV.  Make and model unknown at this time.
Incident Description:
On 6 May 2011 at approximately 4:00AM the victim was walking East on Calhoun Street in the vicinity of Maybank Hall when the above-described vehicle stopped, and the female got out of the van.  The female suspect shouted to the victim, “Hey”.  The female suspect then grabbed the victim’s purse and pulled it away from her.  The female suspect got back into the vehicle, driven by the male suspect, and fled west on Calhoun Street.          

Incident: Robbery with Firearm 
Date: 4 May 2011, 8:30AM
Location: 357 King Street, Charleston (Firehouse Subs)
Suspects Description:
Black male, 6’00-6’03 in height, thin build between the ages of 23 and 25. Suspect was wearing a black and white striped hoodie, black hat and sunglasses, dark shirt and light pants.  Suspect had gold teeth and a thin amount of facial hair including a goatee and moustache.
Incident Description:
On 4 May 2011 at approximately 8:30AM the suspect entered the restaurant and made his way to the counter.  The suspect removed a black in color revolver from his pocket and pointed it at the two clerks and made them go to the back of the restaurant where the office was located.  The suspect made one of the clerks remove an undisclosed amount of money from the safe and place it in a green or black backpack that he was carrying.   The suspect then left the restaurant and headed South on King Street where he entered an alley a few businesses away.  City of Charleston Officers and Public Safety Officers searched the area for the suspect but were unable to locate him. City of Charleston Police Department is investigating the incident. 


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